Sharon Kashi

Cosmetics Sales Mentor

I was born and raised in the city of Holon, Israel.
As a child, I played basketball for 10 years at “Ha’Poel Holon” basketball team. Growing up, I served in the Israeli air force and after my military service, I worked at different “regular” jobs, and couldn’t find any personal and financial satisfaction.

The options I had were limited, besides going to study at university there weren’t many paths to choose.

I didn’t want to be a part of the ‘rat race’ so soon, so I started to look for an alternative. I’ve heard rumors that skin-care salespeople can earn good commisions, but I didn’t knew anyone who’s done it. I looked for information online and suddenly found myself in a meeting with a recruiter lady from a recruiting agency and from that moment on, my life had completely changed.

My beginning was terrible, after my first day I thought this was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made and I already wanted to quit. For some reason, I decided to give it another chance and a few days later as i was improving I decided to stay. As time passed, I fell in love with this job, I became better and better with time, I managed to earn good comissions and even to save money so I felt that I am on the right track to success.

Along the years, I’ve worked in several different countries and witnessed how different organissation are conducting. Most of the companies I worked for were mediocre in their sales training program…

The big change in my life happened in 2009 when i decided to change my employer. Finally I was lucky enough to work at a company who had the BEST sales training program than all the rest. They were very serious not just about professional knowledge, but also about sales knowledge.

No company taught me anything like that before, and I was utterly shocked that this sales method which was proven to be effective is not known to other companies.

After managing to successfully apply this knowledge and significantly improving my sales results for 10 years, I decided to spread this important knowledge to other skin-care companies across the world.

I decided to write a practical book, documenting how the most successful sales reps close their sales. Today,  I’m very proud to introduce my book, which can help any skin-care rep improve their achievements! 

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