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Most managers in the cosmetic industry started as good salespeople, BUT, being a good salesman and a good manager are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS.

This unique 6 hours manaegrs workshop will guide you step-by-step on how to become a GREAT manager.

Managment Coaching In Singapore
Managment Coaching In Manila, Phillipines


  • Module 1
    Different People-Different Additudes.
  • Module 2
    Effective Communication.
  • Module 3
    Team Work.
  • Module 4
    Time Managment.
  • Module 5
    How To Keep Focus.
  • Module 6
    How To Set HIGH TARGETS & Acheive Them.
  • Module 7
    Training NEW salespeople.
  • Module 8
    Training ADVANCED salespeople.
  • Module 9
    Maintaining high motivation 24/7/365.
  • Module 10
    The Power Of A Well Made Talk.
  • Module 11
    How To Move People To Take Action.
  • Module 12
    15 Tips For The Wise Manager
Managment Coaching In Barcelona, Spain

Why Is This Coaching So Important?

  • Make your salespeople work for YOU (Instead of just thinking about themselves).
  • Make your staff APPRECIATE your hard work.
  • AVOID "Putting off fires" all the time.
  • See the "Big Picture" and plan 10 STEPS AHEAD and have a STRATEGY behind every move you.
  • PLACE BORDERS so everyone knows exactly what they are expected at any given moment.
  • Set an YEARLY, MONTHLY and DAILY goals. (And more important, you'll learn how team up your staff to echive these goals).
  • Easily tackle daily challenges.
  • Educate salespeople in a way that will make them want to be disciplined and successful (Instead of different punishments or fines that doesn't bring motovation)
  • Turn every disadvantage to advantage (Short manpowen, out of stock products etc').
  • Dismissing employees in the right way (And have them thank you for it).
  • Avoid confrontations and yet make your staff do as you wish in a way that they will be happy to do so.
  • Build salespeople for many years.

If salespoeple would know how to fulfill their TRUE potential, there wouldn’t be any need in a sales manager.

In reality, the sales manager has the most important influence on the company.

Why not to give him the best knowledge, tools and education so he could be successful in his role?

My managers workshop gives practical tools to deal on a day-to-day situations. This knowledge and skills will give you the ability to solve issues BEFORE THEY EVEN COME UP.

Thanks Sharon. You helped me to open my mind. You managed teach me a systematic managment system and i specially liked the way you transfer the information.This workshop is a MUST for every manager in the cosmetic industry

Moti Shoval
Owner - Barcelona, Spain

Sharon's management training is super professional! My management team got a new point of view and practical tools of how to achieve much better results! I recommend to every business owner to invite Sharon to educate and train his managers

Sivan Tabib Dahan
CEO - Manila, Phillipines

Sharon, you are the best! Thanks to the knowledge and education i gained in your workshop, our company sales has reached the top!I managed to help my salespeople to increase sales and for some even to double their sales!! Meanwhile i gained much respect and appreiciation from them like never before

Vova Bakshi
Regional Manager - Düsseldorf, Germany

I have 12 years of experience and i am impressed! I got myself some new tools that i can't wait to implement. I am going to take all what i studied in the workshop and i'm going to make a big change in my company. recommended to any manager and owners as well!

Yossi Heby
Owner - Barcelona, Spain
Managment Coaching In Ho-Chi-Minh, Vietnam

Eventually, in order to influence your sales staff, you must understand the rules of the successful managers beahivor, and than you will know how to influence your staff for the best. I didn't invented these rules - i learned them - and so can you!

It's Easier Than You Think...

Managers Had Already Improved

You can improvise your way in the managment field and learn from your own mistakes, but why would you want to go on that route?

You can easily accelerate your success by learning from other people mistakes.

Trust me, it will save you a lot of frustration, i know what I am talking about.

I invite you to use my proven formula for managing salespeople – let me teach you the right way to do it.

​In this workshop you will learn how to cause your salespeople to:
Focus on what matters (Sales) and not on the minor things that waste valuable time and energy.

– Embrace the right mental thinking that will make your staff successful.

– Treat this job as a career, and not just a temporary job.


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