Mastering Objections

In the field of sales, Objections are Inevitable. Unfortunately, most salespeople keep wishing that the clients will tell them ‘YES’ right from the start, and

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Sell Yourself First

As I travel around the world conducting sales seminars, one of my services is to have personal 1 on 1 consultation talks with salespeople after

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Buying Desicion

What makes someone buy something? Is it because he needs it? Is it because he wants it? Many reaserches were conducted about this subject and

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I was born and raised in the city of Holon, Israel. As a child, I played basketball at “Ha’Poel Holon” group, and served in the Israeli air force. After my military service, I worked at odd jobs, and couldn’t find personal and financial satisfaction.

The options I had were limited, besides going to study at university there weren’t many paths to choose….

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