If your agenda is to increase Skin-Care Sales Products in your business, than Book Sharon and watch the sales goes UP!

Some Of My Satisfied Clients:

*This is a UNIQE package that is not suitable to every business.

Included in this 90 days customized program:

  • A Sales Seminar –  4 Hours – (Live in Zoom).
  • Strategy Session – With Sharon (2 Hours).
  • A weekly Consultation with Sharon. (1 hour per week).
  • “Skincare Sales Academy” – Access to all the sales reps in the company.
  • 3 more LIVE Sales Trainings (At the end of the first, second and third month).
  • “Becoming The Best Cosmetic Salesman In The World” – A copy of the book to each sales rep in your company.

What’s more imortant? Practical tools or the right state of mind? BOTH!

This unique seminar combine all what’s necessary in order to help salespeople to DOUBLE and TRIPLE sales!

More than 2,000 salespeople in 14 countries already participated in this magical seminar and many testify that this was a life changing event for them…

Most managers in the cosmetic industry started as good salespeople, BUT, being a good salesman and being a good manager are two different things.
This unique managment workshop will guide you step-by-step on how to become a manager that MAXIMIZE his salespeople potential.

Let Sharon advise you in ANY aspect regarding your skin care business.


What Are Others Saying About me:
"Even after 6 years of experience - It
raised my sales!"
Isaac, Canada
"Whoever in cosmetic sales, go listen to Sharon! He's got so much to deliver!"
Sylvie , Czech Republic
"Very educational! Gave me an extra boost"
Claynel, USA
"Sharon is a true EXPERT yet very humble"
Shelly, Singapore
"Way more than i expected!
Sharon's energy is magnetizing!"
Sivan, Canada
"Thank you Sharon for changing my life!"
Monica, Romania
Sharon Kashi
Skin-Care Sales Mentor, Author, Speaker
Sharon is the founder of Skin-Care Sales Mastery. He's been hired in over 28 countries to speak for skin-care companies.

With 16 years experience, Sharon creates unique learning experiences to help skin-care salespeople to improve their sales.

He teaches how to apply a PROVEN sales method of skin-care products step-by-step in a way that anyone can implement easily and effectivly in order to drastically increase sales.
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