Cosmetic Sales Seminar

Sharon created This Unique seminar for 1 reason –  To help you DOUBLE and even TRIPLE your salary!

In those UNFORGETTABLE seminar Sharon is going to drastically IMPROVE your Selling Skills as well as your Mental Skills.

Why ?

Because in the sales industry, one cannot work without the other.

If you don’t have the right Thinking habbits, the best selling skills won’t do you any good.

If you don’t have the right Selling habbits, the best mental skills won’t do you any good.

So prepare yourself to receive the proper personal and professional EDUCATION that will change your approach and additude about cosmetic sales.

After the seminar, you are goimg to be so excited about cosmetic sales, beacause you are finally going to learn the RIGHT, and AUTHENTIC way to sell.

Who Should Attend:

Sales people, Trainers, Mangers, Business owners.

Whether you are new or advanced – This seminar will turn you into a PROFESSIONAL SALES CLOSER.

Salespeople Atended To My Seminars


  • Day 1
    "The 10 golden rules of cosmetic sales"
    Having success in cosmetic sales has nothing to do with 'luck'. it's a very exact science with very clear rules. If you are not aware of the rules of the game, how will you harness them in your favor? This training is going to ignite a very deep mental change in you, and accordingly, your actions and results will change as well. Once you're exposed to these rules, your sales will start to increase significantly and immediately!
  • Day 2
    "Press the purchase button"
    Could there be a "purchase button" in the brain of your potential customers? Absolutely! Wouldn't you like to know how to reach and press on this 'button' every time? This training will give you all the tools to significantly improve your conversion rate and make more potential customers into customers for many years!
  • Day 3
    "Turning the 'No' into a 'Yes'"
    What does the potential customer think of you? What's going in her mind while she's talking to you? What are the real reasons that the customer tells you 'no'? Does she really have no money? Should she really ask her husband? In this training you will discover how to "peel off" the customer objections one-by-one and leave her no choice but to purchase from you.
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Efraim (Canada)
Efraim (Canada)
05 - Itzhak
05 - Itzhak
Sivan (Canada)
Sivan (Canada)
Book Sharon's Life Changing cosmetic sales seminar for 3 unforgettable days!


All the big companies (Apple, Ford, Amazon etc’) bringing outside speakers to enrich the knowledge of their salespeople. Why shouldn’t you do it too?
In fact, is there anything more important than your salespeople self-confident?

Bring The Energy Of Sharon Kashi And The Proven Success Principles To Your Organization!

After the seminar there are 2 things that going to happen:

1. Your salespeople will start to sell (much) more.

2. Your salespeople will want to stay to work for you for a longer period than they planned.


Great question!Exactly like you, I was a business owner (after being a salesman, regional manager, trainer, product manager and CEO for 10 year). Therefore, when I built this unique seminar, first I thought of these 2 things:1. All the things I wouldn’t want anyone to teach my sales staff – There are many sleazy or cheap tricks, you won’t find them here. I am going to teach your salespeople ONLY legitimate method to sell in a decent way.2. After being exposed to so many different companies and sales methods – I decided to build my seminar in a way that won’t contradict of identify with a specific method. This seminar is perfect for every cosmetic salesman or saleswomen!
Every business is different. Before the seminar, I will ask you a list of questions that will help me to diagnose what are the EXACT needs of your business currently. The seminar is going to be suited especially for your company.
That’s a fair question. Unfortunately, not all sales trainer ‘deliver’ as expected. To be sure, i would recommend you to speak with ANYONE of my clients that brought me to speak in front of their salespeople. Feel free to send me a message in the contact us section and just ask for it, you will get a contact list of business owners that had one of my seminars. I am sure that after you will speak with ANY of them, you would feel much more comfortable and relaxed to make a booking of a seminar to your own sales staff.
Well, let’s make something clear. Fundamentals never change. There will always be new or unique products in the market. What I’m going to teach you is HOW TO SELL, than, you can take those skills and apply them on your specific products.
You’ll be surprised! It doesn’t really cost you money. The question is :”Are you a man that see only here and now, or can you imagine what will happen when i will come to your business?” Yes, you right. The sales increase that your staff will do will not just cover my expenses, but will leave you with a life-time of profit. p.s I had some clients that made their ROI in less than a day (Some in a few hours!)

Eventually, in order to influence your sales staff, you must understand the rules of the successful managers beahivor, and than you will know how to influence your staff for the best. I didn't invented these rules - i learned them - and so can you!

It's Easier Than You Think...

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