Sharon Kashi

Sharon Kashi

Buying Desicion

What makes someone buy something? Is it because he needs it? Is it because he wants it? Many reaserches were conducted about this subject and apperantly that we don’t buy things we need. We buy things we desire.

The big discovery here to understand is that  desires are emotional and not logical and this is something important to address in our sales additude. To prove you that we are definately not logical creators we can think about the fact that if we were logical, we would eat only salads (From organic vegtebels), we would never smoke (Anything), we would exercise evey day, and basically we would take care of our health in a much better way.

So next time you go into a restaurant and skip the salad section and choose yourself a tasty pizza or hamburger, be awere to the fact that desires are strongly control you. Try to fight back, tell me if it worked for you 🙂

So now that we know that the emotional part is the one’s who take control over purchasing desicions, we need to understand how to harness the emotion in our favor. In order to do that we want to speak directly to our client’s heart by saying things that will make them a bit emotional, for example:

“Ma’am, I am sure that you are not a selfish women – you’re a mother, right?
I’m sure that every day you take care of your husband and kids,
preparing them breakfast, lunch, dinner, washing dishes, cleaning the
house, doing laundry, replacing bed sheets and do everything for everyone, am I right ??
So today, you are going to do something only for you!”

So as you can see, by approaching the emotional side of the client, we can start finding for the “purchase button” that will eventually will make her feel: “I work hard. I do care about everyone around me. We only live once and life is too short, why shouldn’t i spoil myself ?”

Of course that your client won’t feel that way from one sentence, but when you go on the track of emotional selling and you have lots of these sentences in your toolbox, it will definately make you a better persuader”

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The options I had were limited, besides going to study at university there weren’t many paths to choose….

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