Sharon Kashi

Sharon Kashi

Sell Yourself First

As I travel around the world conducting sales seminars, one of my services is to have personal 1 on 1 consultation talks with salespeople after the semianr. And when i meet you guys personally, there is one scenario that repeat itself quite often that i want to share with you.

So usually a salesperson (Or a saleswoman) in some point of the conversation will tell me that they are experiencing difficulties with their closing and they ask me for a tip to close in a better way.

Now, Because these talks are 90 minutes, so i have the time to start a full sale simulation right from the beginning, so i could diagnose exactly what’s these salespeople real challang is. I tell them: “I’m a customer, you just stopped me in the shopping center, let’s begin,”.

You would probably be amazed to realize that most of my conclusions to salespeople are not a feedback on their closing, but i see the disturbing mistakes much sooner!

I see salespeople talk and talk and talk, without letting the client to be involoved, without asking many questions, without creating a strong bond, without breaking the ice, without proving that they are experts in what they do, without making the client laugh!

Guys – Please, pay attention here! Beacause this is very IMPORTANT.

The closing of the sale is only important if you did EVERYTHING prior to that in a good way. Otherwise, your loosing your client’s attention much sooner (And than of course you will find difficulty to close the client).

Let me give you an example. Let’s pretend that you are invited to give a TED talk and you need to prepare a 17 minutes speech, does it make sense that you will only prepare the last 5 minutes because in your mind the end is the most important part? NO! you cannot focus just on the end because you will lost the crowd until you’ll get there!

It’s the exact same thing in sales!

You must first sell YOURSELF before you sell your products! The client need to like you, to trust you, to feel connected with you and to enjoy her time with you.

There is a magical moment with clients that all salespeople are waiting for, and that’s when the client asks us- “What do you think i should do”. This is WONDERFUL proof of a salesperson that did such a good job that eventually the client ask for him to take the desicion for her. That situation will only happend when you will start investing in selling yourself before you sell any product.


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The options I had were limited, besides going to study at university there weren’t many paths to choose….

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