Sharon Kashi

Sharon Kashi

Mastering Objections

In the field of sales, Objections are Inevitable. Unfortunately, most salespeople keep wishing that the clients will tell them ‘YES’ right from the start, and  usually there is a big dissapiontment when it’s not happening….

Let’s explore the main reasons for the clients objections. But first, in order to better understand the client, i want you to first think about yourself. How long does it take you to trust someone new ? Do you put your trust in someone new immediately ? after 10 minutes ? 20 minutes ? Well, i think you can understand where am i going here…

Now the big question is: “Why is taking us so ling to trust people? Let’s take this one step deeper. The reason that it’s a bit challanging for us to put our trust in people is mainly becasue we got hurt in the past. Who hurt us? Friends, partners, sibilings, parents, salespeople and even complete strangers! So in order to protect ourselves from getting hurt again, our braing developed this kind of a defense mechanisem that suppose to avoid us from getting hurt again, Make sense, right?

This is the reason why sometimes we meet clients that we can feel that they really want to buy, but somthing is holding them back, it’s a kind of an automated response, something in their guts tells them: “Beware, you’ve been in this situation before and you got hurt, so please triple check to make sure it won’t happend again” – And that’s what makes your client say the words – “I need to think about it” or “I should consult with my husband first”.

Now we can understand the logic behind the objections, so please understand that this behaivor is NORMAL and that we are all like that. Only after understanding that, now we can start think about sulotions to make our client feel 100% sure that they are doing the right thing, and therfore we have to master every aspect of the product we are selling and the company we represent, but not less important,  in order to really eliminate the clients concerns and minimize their objections – we have to sell ourselves first.


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